Father and Son Publish Booklet for Bar Mitzvah

As the bar mitzvah of Levy Yitzchak Bressman of Los Angeles approached, he worked with his father Rabbi Dovid Nissan Bressman to create a user-friendly publication on the laws of tefillin, which they released in time for the bar mitzvah. Download here.

This week was the Bar Mitzvah of Levy Yitzchak Bressman, son of Rabbi Dovid Nissan Bressman from Los Angeles.

In honor of the occasion, father and son worked together to put out a user-friendly publication on the laws of tefillin with special attention to Chabad customs. The “question and answer” style booklet covers the chapters on the laws of tefillin as they are found in the Shulchan Aruch in a lucid manner with streamlined sources. This booklet goes through 22 very pertinent questions that are relevant to bar mitzvah boys and adults alike.

Dovid Bressman previously authored two other popular highly regarded books, Mezuzah: Divine Protection and Blessing and Sefer Torah: Divine Protection and Unity.

Unlike Rabbi Bressman’s two previous works, a special feature of this new booklet is that the bar mitzvah boy helped his father edit the entire volume.

G-d willing, a forthcoming thorough sefer will eventually come out from this meaningful project.

The booklet is free to download to the public.

Click here to download.

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