Farbrengen to Mark Shloshim of Reb Pinye Korf

A farbrengen and Siyum Hamishnayos marking the shloshim of renowned mashpia Reb Pinye Korf will be held on Wednesday in Crown Heights and broadcast live on Anash.org for the wider Chabad community.

By Anash.org reporter

A farbrengen and Siyum Hamishnayos will take place this week in Crown Heights to mark the shloshim of legendary mashpia Rabbi Pinye Korf a”h.

Reb Pinye, as he was affectionately known, served for decades as a mashpia and taught Chassidus to thousands of bochurim and adults. He was seen as the quintessential chassidishe yid, a man who dedicated his entire life to be a genuine chossid and oved. Following an extended illness, he passed away on 20 Tammuz.

To mark the shloshim since his passing, a gathering will be held in Crown Heights, where speakers will pay tribute to the unforgettable chossid, and family members will conclude Shisha Sidrei Mishna, which was learned in his memory.

Addressing the shloshim will be family members, friends and students of Reb Pinye from around the world. Following the official program, a chassidishe farbrengen will be held.

A live stream of the shloshim will be hosted by Anash.org, to allow the wider Chabad community to participate.

The shloshim will take place on Wednesday, the eve of 20 Av, July 28 at Kollel Menachem – 1483 Union St., beginning at 9:00 PM.

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