Farbrengen to Feature Locals who Recovered from COVID

Join Live at 8:15 PM ET: A Chai Elul Farbrengen that will be held Sunday night will feature master violinist Hershel Gelman, Rabbi Shmuel Heber, guest speaker Rabbi Shraga Homnick and several members of Anash who recovered from COVID-19.

Join Chai Elul Farbrengen & Siyum Rambam tonight in Empire Shtiebel at 815 pm

Chai Elul, 18th of Elul, marks the birthday of 2 great luminaries: The Baal Shem Tov, founder of Chassidus, and the Alter Rebbe, founder of Chassidus Chabad. 

To commemorate this special day, Irgun Torah and Empire Shtiebel invite everyone to a Siyum Harambam & Farbrengen on Sunday night.

You can join the farbrengen live, online at IrgunTorah.org. The farbrengen will also be posted online for later viewing as well.

The event will take place in Empire Shtiebel, 489 Empire, after maariv, 7:55 pm. 

Rabbi Shmuel Heber will lead the Farbrengen, followed by Siyum Harambam on Sefer Madah, by Rabbi Shraga Homnick. 

In addition, master violinist, Hershel Gelman, will stir the souls with beautiful Niggunim and songs. Come join and be inspired!

This event is with the participation and merit of several members of Anash, who BH Bechasdei Hashem have recovered from the virus, and returned home to their families. 

May they have a complete Refuah and much gezunt always.

Join live via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 917 154 5455

The event will also be available to be viewed live online, at IrgunTorah.org.

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