Farbrengen-Proof Kapota Makes its Debut

A new Kapota called ‘The Beinoni,’ that can be washed and dried at home, debuted at a recent pre-launch event. The revolutionary Kapota is wrinkle-free, breathable, and holds its shape well.

A new and innovative Kapota, promises to bring a renewed sense of joy to Shabbos, Yom Tov and late-night Farbrangens.

‘The Beinoni’ Kapota, by The Bein brand, debuted with a pre-launch event at The Railroad Barber in Crown Heights.

The Bein hosted a try-on event, where many locals came to try on and experience the Beinoni for themselves and support the innovative product, accompanied by refreshments and music by Mendel Goldman.

“This goes in the washing machine?” a shocked patron asked. “And it stretches?!” added another.

“We knew this was a long time coming,” says founder Tzvi Perlow, “there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a custom Kapota only for it to get ruined at the dry cleaners, or for that matter having to send it to the dry cleaners in the first place”.

The Beinoni, is a first-of-its-kind machine wash and dry Kapota.

It eliminates many of the common frustrations found with a wool Kapota. Mostly due to its’ premium Rayon-based fabric. Rabbi Eliyahu Raskin, Shliach in Downtown Brooklyn, described it best “if Lululemon made a Kapota, this would be it”.

It has a 4-way dynamic stretch found in popular athleisure wear, is breathable and holds its shape well thanks to its durable sweater-like material.

Besides being able to wash and dry this Kapota at home, it also does not wrinkle and is easily thrown into a suitcase or backpack for travel.

“When I travel, I usually leave my Kapota at home – now I have something suitable to take along with me,” says Shmuli Rosenbaum, who is currently visiting from Melbourne, Australia.

“We also revisited many of the other grievances we had with the wool Kapota. For example, we eliminated the need for tailoring and created easy XS to XL sizing, orderable online, to wear straight out the box,” says Tzvi, “Order it on Wednesday, and wear it Shabbos”.

Levi Aronow of The Railroad Barber was thrilled to host the event at his shop, he says, “As an entrepreneur myself, we love supporting new and innovative products”.

“We ordered ours right when it became available for pre-order,” says Leah Glaser of Miami, FL, “I’m excited for my husband to get it, we’re proud to support our friends and a product like no other!”

Yita Perlow says, “We are confident that you’ll love the Beinoni, we’re offering 100% Free Returns. Don’t like it? Send it back…but I don’t think you will!”

The Beinoni began shipping March 7th, in time for Parshas Zachor, and is currently available for purchase online.

The Beinoni is now available for purchase at TheBein.com For a discount, use: ANASH10

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  1. What an excellent and much needed replacement for wool kapotas! Making a proper Shabbos levush so practical and accessable.

    It is noteworthy however, that ideally, chassidim are accustomed to wearing a *silk* outer garment on Shabbos, Al pi kabola.

  2. The Rebbe called for silk.

    In the Yuds the Rebbe expressed the importance of wearing silk on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

    צריכים להנהיג שהאברכים (“יונגעלייט”) ילבשו בשבת וביו”ט “זיידענע זופּיצעס”, ויישר-כחם של אלה שיעשו כן.

    ענין זה (שבגדי שבת ויו”ט צריכים להיות של משי) מובא גם במאמר של כ”ק אדמו”ר (מהורש”ב) נ”ע

    – תמיהני על חסידים כמו פלוני ופלוני שאינם לובשים בשבת וביו”ט “זיידענע זופּיצעס”. הסיבה לכך, כפי הנראה, היא, מפני מצב העניות שהי’ ברוסיא, שלא היתה באפשרותם ללבוש “זיידענע זופּיצעס”.

    ובכל אופן, הגיע הזמן שיתחילו ללבוש “זיידענע זופּיצעס”, ובמשך הזמן תקבע הנהגה זו אצל כולם – שכל האברכים ילבשו בשבת וביו”ט “זיידענע זופּיצעס”

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