Family of COVID Victim Thanks Chabad Community

Family and friends of R’ Motti Chassin a”h, a young father of 5 who tragically passed away last week after contracting COVID, are thanking the Chabad community for opening their hearts in their time of need.

We would like to thank everyone who has shown true Ahavas Yisroel by donating to the Hassin family!

In the merit of your generosity, may you live a long and healthy life with your children and grandchildren.

Sadly, our Moti is no longer able to provide for his children, and his widow still needs time to get on her feet emotionally and economically in order to provide for her family.

Moti a”h never complained or let on that he was struggling financially. Only now, after his passing have we learned the full extent of the Hassin family’s financial troubles.

At this point, the economic future of his 5 little children is on the line. It’s up to us to provide for them, and make sure that they can grow up without worrying about their basic needs being provided for.

Kesiva VChasima Tova, and may you never never need the help of others.

Now, we’re Moti’s family, his kids are our responsibility.

“Gedola Tzedaka Shmekareves Es HaGeulah!”

The campaign to help support the Chassin family is now in the bonus round, please help us provide for R’ Motti’s wife and 5 young children.

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