Experience Pesach With Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm

Every year, as Pesach approached, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm would go into high gear, delivering shiurim and publishing special Haggadah insights. Watch a selection of the classes and download two Pesach publications.

Pesach with Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm a”h did not start a few days before Yom Tov, it started way before that. He would start giving classes and vertilach on the Haggadah right after Purim.

When Yeshivah was on break for bein hazmanim he didn’t relax and take a breather, but he went in to high gear Haggadah learning.

Every morning he would have a minyan at Yeshiva with an even bigger emphasis with shiurim on the Haggadah.

“I remember going with for this special davening and Haggadah class,” one of his students says.

He would make sure to have danishes, orange juice, and raffles every day for all those who came on different Haggadahs.

One day each year he would bring many different Haggadahs and let the bocherim look through them. Today in in his library he has more then a full bookcase of different Haggadahs.

Even Erev Pesach when everyone is so busy with the last preparations for Pesach, he would make make sure to still have this special class and making a siyum Mesechta for those that needed to hear one.

Some bochurim came just because they wanted their last danish before Pesach.

Attached are many of his different Vertelach and Shiurim on the Haggadah some short and some long Shiurim.

As well attached is his Yiddish Haggadah explaining all parts of the Haggadah in Yiddish, and his Yesh Litmoah publications with questions and riddles on Pesach.

VIDEO: Insights on the Haggadah #1 – Click here for the rest of the shiurim

VIDEO: Guide to Making Your Own Seder

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