Expanded ‘2MinSicha’ Accommodates More Users

A broadcast which presents 2 minute excerpts from Likkutei Sichos has doubled over as the first chat has maxed out to capacity.

Once a Hakhel initiative, the broadcast “2MinSicha” expanded into a 6 year project to cover the entire Likkutei Sichos, gaining many followers due to it’s clear and concise delivery of each Sichah by HaTomim Boruch Shneur Kalmenson.

The broadcast, once a small community of followers, has exploded into a sought after platform thus maxing out at 1024 participants, making it of the biggest of such platforms.

Feedback has been tremendous, ranging from those enjoying the journey through all the Sichos, yet others taking advantage of the easily accessible sound bites to boost their day.

Losing no time “2MinSicha #2” has been launched opening the possibility for double the amount of people to receive these Sichah soundbites.

Behind this all lies the message of “from strength to strength,” taking a Hakhel inspiration and extending it to a year by year initiative, only to be met with tremendous success.

You can join the movement through Whatsapp, Signal, Spotify or any other podcast platform, and receive daily soundbites straight out of the Rebbe’s sichos to fuel your day.

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