Expand 770: A Dream Coming True

From the Anash.org Inbox: Zalman Phillips expresses his hope and dream that 770 will finally be expanded in a poetic form.

By Zalman Phillips

I believe it is healthy to dream and fantasize at times.

Life is very challenging
and I feel the need for a healthy escape (no drugs here)
At times of pain, often I close my eyes
and travel to my favorite place
I try to imagine myself walking around inside the Beis Hamikdosh.

True, my knowledge of the future Beis Hamikdosh is not perfect
as is my current surroundings
But it’s enough to give me a sense of exhilaration
I feel the perfect world
with only happiness and light.

And come back to my reality all too quick.

The aftereffect of such dreaming remains positive however,
for I am certain this dream will materialize soon.

When I walk into 770 I feel a little bit of that charge
Something special in the air
It doesn’t erase my daily challenges
but it reminds me that something great
beyond my imagination
is hovering over us.

Now I don’t need to close my eyes
I look and imagine 770 expanded to a majestic size
Befitting a King
I feel the charge and happiness again.

Oh, how I yearn for it to materialize
Let’s do this
As nothing can stop believers.

For more information, and to see how you can get involved, visit Expand770.com.

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  1. What did the Rebbe say about expanding 770 in general?
    See Leil Hoshana Raba 5749 – a month after the Hanchas Even Hapina.
    The Rebbe was very clear in that sicha, which is printed, and is on tape.
    The Rebbe says that Nesi Doreinu is the Bal Habos of 770, and the only one who can decide on this – and he says no.
    You could look it up.
    Even the very limited construction which the Rebbe did allow, as the Rebbe wrote in Ksav Yad Kodsho”Tzorich Lihyos Pochos Mimilyom Dollar, Vchol Hamemat bze harei ze meshubach” – the Rebbe gave many extensive horo’os about – and which the current rederings oand backers of the project are clearly disregarding.
    Whether it’s the height of the proposed construction, the cost, or the many other horaos.
    All living members of the Vaad at the time – agree that the Rebbe was opposed.
    I personally spoke to Rabbi Klein A'”h about this, as well as Lehavdil Bein Chayim Lechayim Rabbbi Herson.

    1. My response is that we are just promoting and encouraging the expansion. The ones who were put in charge by the Rebbe are the ones who will make the expansion and I’m sure that they are well aware of all the Rebbe’s detailed instructions.

      As far as Leil Hoshaana Rabba 5749 (which happens to be unedited by the Rebbe, contrary to kuntres beis rabeinu shebibovel, which was edited and published 3 years after that sicha), it is well known that before that Hoshaana Rabba there was a meeting where ppl told the Rebbe that they have their own ideas of how expansion should happen, and this is even in the words of the sicha (“בא כל א’ עם סברא משלו, וכשפלוני אומר באופן כך, אומר, שהוא יבנה בנין יותר גדול”), and the Rebbe was making it clear that no one should think that they understand better, because the only one who is in charge is the Rebbe.

      With that said, the Rebbe said and edited and published in the kuntres beis rabeinu that there must be expansion, and that everyone should get involved in helping physically and financially (וכל המרבה הרי זה” “משובח).

      We’ve waited much too long!

    2. If your ready to stand with your name behind what your saying then we can decide if we want to believe you or not.
      The clear words in Kuntros Rabeinu Shebbavel speak for them self.
      There are many other answers in the tshuro from fisher after the Sicha you mention that clearly show the rebbe wanted more than expanding the bathrooms…
      Last but not least Rabbi Krinsky has spoken openly at the last kinus Hashluchim about this. Enough said

  2. what are you gong to say about kuntres beis rabbeinu sbbovel.
    ? what abot the fact that rabbi krinsky said by the kinnus that the rebbe spoke to him more then once that 770 shold be expanded

    1. Very good question.
      The Rebbe was magiha the kuntres.
      The answer is obvious.
      One cannot cherry pick.
      One needs to look at all the Rebbe’s horaos on a subject, which maybe multi faceted, and then understand his position.
      You could as a better question:
      An expansion actually did take place in those years.
      Answer to both questions:
      The Rebbe didn’t allow a change to the shul. They had major ideas to expand to Union St, to raise the ceiling of the offices, to install skylights, to change the design of the room, etc etc
      The Rebbe allowed bathrooms to be built, and he allowed necessary renovations and upgrades.
      Maintenance and upgrades are necessary.
      Otherwise a building collapses.
      See for example 770’s frequent flooding.
      See for example issue of cleanliness, particularly in the womens section
      See for example other capital issues, such as a/c replacement [today can cost a million dollars] or roof issues.
      But an expansion of property, to the Rebbe’s shul, he didn’t allow.

      Don’t take my word for it.
      Look up all the Rebbe’s written letters on the subject.
      For example the Rebbe wrote (it’s been printed, but this is from memory:
      תוכנית שמסתכמת בעשר מיליון דולר מובן שמופרך לגמרי. וצריך להיות פחות ממיליון דולר וכל הממעט בזה הרי זה משובח
      People who were involved then, are still alive, besides the one who you mentioned, recall the Rebbe putting the brakes.
      Rabbi Krinsky also said that the Rebbe was opposed to it, “but it was due to a reason, and the reason no longer applies”, not sure what that means.
      Learn the Hoshana Rabo sicha
      It doesn’t negate Kuntres Rabeinu at all.
      If you learn Kuntres Rabinu, and the other wrtitten tzetlach and sichos – they are not contradictory.

  3. Links to the sicha:

    Torah Menachem hanocho:

    Various points throughout the sicha on this topic.

    The Rebbe says clearly that Shnas Habinyan excludes 770, and that a change to 770 will reduce the kedusha of the Rebbe’s shul.

    There are many Kisvei Yad on the topic.

    There were also meetings with the Rebbe and the Vaad Habinyon, where the Rebbe laid down the law pretty strictly.

  4. From the expand770 website,

    “Why not preserve 770 as it looked before Gimmel Tammuz?

    The true way of preserving that original look is to constantly expand 770, because that’s actually the look that 770 always had. Would you entertain the thought of preserving the Chabad Shluchim to the amount of Shluchim we had before Gimmel Tammuz?! The Rebbe’s vision is Uforatzta! Expand!!

    Let’s preserve that vision!”

    Look up that sicha, as well as the Rebbe’s written letters [for example, the sharp letter about knocking a nail! for the sukka into the building of 770] – and see if it’s matching the horao’s.

    There were many, many Horaos from the Rebbe on this subject in those years – all in Ksav Yad Kodesh – which severely limited the scope of the project – and the current backers are not following them.

    1. Expand770.com states clearly what our mission is, to promote and encourage the expansion of 770.
      The actual expansion is in the hands of Aguch and Merkos, your accusations of us not following the Rebbe’s horaos are false and misplaced.

      1. The renderings show the other structures higher than 770 – against a written instruction of the Rebbe.
        The price tags discussed – are way, way above what the Rebbe approved.
        The website clearly writes that not only will an additional wing be added to 770 [which one can argue is absolutely necessary today simply for reasons of pikuach nefesh mamosh] – but that the actual shul of the Rebbe will be changed. That’s unconscionable, and flies in the face of the Rebbe’s many horaos.
        If the plan was:
        Capital improvement of 770,
        An expansion of additional space,
        Within the budget that the Rebbe approved,
        Within the parameters that the Rebbe laid out, such as not building higher than 770,
        Without changing the Rebbe or the Frierdiker Rebbe’s shul,
        As well as the Rebbe’s many other parameters,
        you have my blessing, you have of course the Rebbe’s blessing, and it’s a very worthwhile cause.
        Just be mindful of those points.
        You are promoting specific plan ideas that are contrary to written horaos of the Rebbe.
        Saying to disregard a taped public sicha of the Rebbe because the Rebbe didn’t edit it, is silly.
        Obviously the 2 sichos are not contradictory, as explained above.

        1. Please don’t make these mistakes:

          “Saying to disregard a taped public sicha of the Rebbe because the Rebbe didn’t edit it”

          “The website clearly writes … that the actual shul of the Rebbe will be changed”

          And “The renderings… unconscionable, and flies in the face of the Rebbe’s many horaos” not sure why you are reading a negative hot-take groundlessly. You read some of the site, why not read the rest of the site. See if you’re able to get the picture without cherry picking

  5. וענין זה מודגש עוד יותר כשרואים במוחש שהולך וניתוסף ביתר שאת ובית רעוז במספר בני ישראל שבאים ל״בית רבינו״, ״ברוב עם הדרת מלך״ (כולל גם ״מאן מלכי רבנן״, ובפרט נשיא (מלך) הדור), ונעשה צורך והכרח להגדיל ולהרחיב עוד יותר את ״בית רבינו״, ועד להגדלה והרחבה שהיא באופן דפריצת גדר, ״פרצת״ (בגימטריא 770)

    קונטרס בית רבינו שבבבל

  6. = Not to raise the height beyond specification: yes
    = Not to surpass certain financial limits: yes (possibly missing details / circumstances exactly what that was about)
    = Not to make plans and changes which are not according to the Rebbe’s vision and directives: yes
    = Not to add/change from how 770 always was and specifications as to how & what to yes expand/add: yes

    Not to expand the shul ?
    Quote: “The Rebbe said no” ?
    Quote: “Expansion… the Rebbe didn’t allow” ?

    I think you might be extrapolating and conflating things. Re-read all the toichen and make a clear diagram of what the Rebbe exactly did and didn’t say, and where you might be doing a bit of “Chavo’s mistake”

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