Exciting Pirkei Avos Learning Program for Kids

An exciting new program encourages boys and girls to learn Pirkei Avos, completely on their own, and win great prizes.

Last year, while students and schools were adjusting to the new reality of online learning, the “Global Pirkei Avos Mivtzah” was launched to give boys and girls an opportunity to learn Pirkei Avos, completely on their own, as part of an exciting program.

Over 300 boys and girls worldwide participated in this fun learning campaign, which included daily online quizzes, weekly tests, and raffles. 

Following the success of last year’s program, the program is once again being launched for boys and girls worldwide who would like to participate in this exciting learning campaign. 

Starting this week, and continuing until after Shavuos, the mivtzah will include studying each week’s Pirkei Avos from the ‘Tzivos Hashem Pirkei Avos,’ coupled with daily Kahoot quizzes, weekly tests, and raffles with exciting prizes. (No need to sign up, just learn, take the weekly tests, and be entered into the weekly raffles).

The Mivtzah is graciously sponsored by the Nissim family, in memory of Menachem Mordechai Nissim ben Chassan Yefes.

Visit www.PirkeiAvosMivtzah.com for more details.

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