Excited Talmidim Celebrate Side-by-Side Siddur and Chumash Parties

The Pre-1a and first grade students of Darchei Menachem each had celebrations to mark the milestones they achieved with learning to read inside their siddurim and starting to learn Chumash inside.

The youngest grades of Darchai Menachem celebrated two major milestones in their early chinuch. Families of Pre-1a joined together for a Siddur Party, followed by families coming to celebrate with Kita Alef at their Chumash party, both run by elementary principal Rabbi Menachem Amar.

The boys were dressed in their finest attire, eagerly anticipating the moment they would receive their very first siddur or Chumash. As they entered the shul, their faces lit up with excitement as they saw the beautifully set up tables, balloons, and decorations.

Rabbi Zalman Teleshevsky, the dedicated Rebbi of Pre-1A, spoke at the siddur party of the unique and special ma’alos that each and every one of them possess. At the chumash party Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Raichik, Rebbi of Kita Alef, spoke along the same vein, emphasizing that every boy is different with their own strengths and that they are all equally valuable and beloved in the eyes of Hashem.

At both events, the boys sang a Niggun that they had prepared especially for the occasion, and then read from their newly acquired Siddur or Chumash. They eagerly pointed out the letters and words they had learned, and the Rebbeim lauded them for their hard work and dedication.

As the event drew to a close, the boys left the shul with their Siddurim and Chumashim in hand, beaming with pride and excitement. The Siddur and Chumash parties were each a wonderful way to honor their accomplishments and to inspire them as they continue to learn and grow in Torah and Mitzvos.

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