“Exceptional” IDF Veterans Tour 770

A group of IDF veteran who had been injured in Israel’s wars, and were on a tour of New York, stopped in 770 this past week, where they were given the red carpet treatment.

A group of IDF veteran who had been injured in Israel’s wars toured Chabad World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway this past week.

The group consisted of a number of soldiers who had been injured in wars between Israel and the terror groups at its borders. They were enjoying a trip to New York, and decided to stop into 770 for a tour as well.

Accompanied by Bentzi Sasson, the group was shown around Crown Heights and the large zal in 770. They then enjoyed a tour of the original 770 building, including the WLCC broadcast room, expertly lead by Rabbi Mendel Eisenbach.

A special stress was placed on the Rebbe’s words to a group of injured IDF soldiers in 1976. Then, the Rebbe spoke of the extraordinary strength given to the soldiers to overcome their physical limitations.

“..I do not approve of the term “handicapped” being used, as it suggests some type of inferiority. To the contrary, we must emphasize that they are considered special and exceptional by the Creator, Who endowed them with special energies above and beyond the capacity of an ordinary individual; thus they can overcome hardships and obstacles which an ordinary person cannot overcome,” the Rebbe said on that occasion.

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