‘Everything Wedding’ Allows You to Celebrate with Ease

Everything Wedding is a one stop site created by Chava Altein for all L’Chaim and wedding resources. It has step by step checklists, vendors, Gemachs, important contacts, and more.

By Chava Altein

Everything Wedding is a personal project that began as a handwritten list on the back of a piece of scrap paper that came along with my mother wherever we went throughout my engagement, stealthily growing as we were reminded of every last detail necessary for marrying off a new couple.

I got engaged during the summer, when it seemed the only people around Crown Heights were either other Kallahs like me or those with newborns. While I was blissfully following my mother around, trusting she had it all covered, my new group of friends shared how overwhelmed and stressed they were with the amount to do, how to get it all done, and the endless unhelpful advice delaying them at every turn. I concluded that if I can, why not give the calm, organized, getting-married-is-fun feelings I had to others.

Now, Everything Wedding is a one stop site for all L’Chaim and wedding resources: step by step checklists, vendors, Gemachs, important contacts, and more. Although primarily catering to Crown Heights based Simchos, the lists are adaptable to L’Chaims and weddings made in any location.

This project has expanded well beyond my imagination. Thanks to the involvement and assistance of my family and friends, who contributed in any way they could. From creating the website and continuing to constantly update it with new information, to providing contacts to more vendors, or catching missing items from the lists

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin. No more stressing over how to find the contacts you need before bookings run out. Forget about worrying there will be something forgotten and the panic that comes with realizing what that something is a little too late…

Checking the analytics on https://www.everythingwedding.org, I see three others using the site in real time. Someone based in New York, Philadelphia and Florida. As we pass the 6 month mark of Everything Wedding, there’s been nearly 3,000 users and over 5.5 thousand interactions with the website in 6 continents. Crazy. We’re reaching people all over, and some are reaching back out to us. We’ve received messages letting us know how amazing, helpful, organized, life-saving the website is. We’re only too happy to hear how useful and necessary this resource proves to be.

But there’s a but. The wedding happens. Everyone goes back to their regular routine. The rush, the lists, the endless planning all behind you, but what about the next family that’s only about to start? If you made a Simcha using Everything Wedding, and you shared it with the next friend or family member, thank you. Thank you on behalf of those who will benefit next. Thank you from us for growing this Mitzvah. Please, give us feedback. Which vendors & Gemachs are we missing? Which details are missing from our checklists? What did we forget or leave out?

Your feedback is important. Help us help you. This is our project. We all want updated, current information at hand when we need it next. Together we can create more Simchos with Simcha. Click here: https://www.everythingwedding.org/contact-us to make it happen.

The agenda is quite simple. Get as many Kallahs, Chassanim and parents to experience the process of making their once in a lifetime occasions with peace of mind and true inner joy.

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