“Every Yid Possesses” in Spanish Inspires Thousands

In Uruguay, Rabbi Mendel Shemtov and a group of CTeen’ers filmed the Spanish version of the Gan Yisroel classic: “Every Yid Possesses.” The song, which was an instant hit among the teens, has now reached thousands more on social media.

By Anash.org reporter

A classic camp song sung at a CTeen farbrengen a few months ago has grown to become a powerful inspiration for thousands.

Throughout the hot Uruguayan summer months of Teves, Shvat and Adar, Rabbi Mendel & Musya Shemtov were not able to plan any large events for their teens, due to Covid. Instead they hosted small groups of teens for gatherings such as farbrengens, BBQs or kayaking trips.

At one of those informal farbrengens, Rabbi Shemtov sang the Spanish version of the classic camp song “Every Yid Possesses,” as he remembered it from his own camp experiences as a child in Gan Yisroel of Uruguay.

The song clicked with the teens – they loved it and began to sing it at every opportunity. They taught it to their friends and sang it at every CTeen event, and even afterwards – whether in the street or the park, the song became their ‘anthem.’

Before Shavuos, 110 teens received a yom tov package mailed to their homes. Inside was a T-shirt with a quote from the song: “Es Clara, Pura, Y Brilla…” It’s clear and pure and brighter, referring of course to the neshama.

According to Rabbi Shemtov, that message is critical for everyone, and especially for teens. “When a teen wears the t-shirt, or even just sees it around the house, the words will be a visual reminder of how he should look at himself and those around him – as a precious neshama that’s part of Hashem,” he shared. “Even though we don’t see it, and no matter how we act- that’s who we are.”

When Rabbi Shemtov saw how popular the song had become, he decided to record it professionally together with the teens to spread the message even further.

While recording, one of the teens spontaneously started rapping freestyle about the song’s message: the preciousness of a neshama, ahavas yisroel, and getting ready to welcome moshiach. The rap was later added as an introduction to the song.

Boruch Hashem the song was very well received by thousands who watched it on social media including YouTube and Instagram. Rabbi Shemtov also remarked that he received very positive feedback from the teens’ parents, and members of the wider Jewish community in Uruguay.

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English Lyrics:
Every Yid possesses a Neshama from above
It’s clear and pure, and brighter even than the sun
Even if he is far from Torah, and his Guf is low
Within him is a Neshama, though it may not show
With this thought in mind, we must set our goal
To love every Jew with all our heart and soul
Through Ahavas Yisroel, we come to love Hashem
And honor his Torah as a precious gem
As soon as we arise, our Nefesh weeps and cries
When will we return to You
Grant us Your mercy
And redeem us all from Golus

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