Every Shliach Can Now Become Certified in Mikvaos Care

Become proficient in one of the most crucial, yet complex areas of Halacha—Mikvaos. Learn about the design, kashrus, supervision and maintenance of a mikvah from the field’s leading experts.

The mitzvah of mikvah has stood at the center of Jewish life for thousands of years. It is the foundation of the Jewish family and has been observed with great mesiras nefesh throughout the generations.

The construction and maintenance of a Mikvah are no simple feat. Learning them requires a commitment to hours of study and hands-on instruction.

Course participants will spend a year learning from experts in the field of Mikvah construction, led by Rabbi Shimon Gruen and Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat, and become knowledgeable in all of the halachos and minhagim of a Mikvah. They will be able to identify what makes a Mikvah kosher and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

The halachos will be learned from the source, straight from the pages of the Shluchan Aruch, with a special emphasis on Chabad Minhagim and the horaos of our Rebbeim.

Who is this course for?

* A Rabbi or a Shliach who has a Mikvah under his jurisdiction and is looking to gain a deeper understanding of Mikvah maintenance so that he knows when he needs to call an expert and when he can take care of an issue himself.

* Someone who is involved in the construction of a Mikvah and is seeking to better understand the process and the reasons why each detail is important.

* Someone looking to deepen their Torah learning and is looking to spend a year exploring the intriguing topic of Mikvaos.

Register today at: https://www.lemaanyilmedu.com/product/mikvaos

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