Even Apple Wants In On This Community

In 2018, Rabbi Zalmy & Mushka Dubinsky moved to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, with the vision of creating a hub of spiritual life in the rapidly growing neighborhood. That vision came to life far quicker than they imagined. 

“If you asked me 2 years ago, if my wife and I would be hosting a Shabbos dinner for other young Jews professionals, I would have laughed,” says Adam Taylor

“And when I looked around our table and saw all the faces of our Jewish friends, as we build our lives here in Raleigh, having this community is just incredible.”

When Adam, a financial consultant at Metlife, and his wife Sarah, a nurse at Duke hospital, moved to Raleigh 4 years ago, Jewish life for young professionals in downtown was non-existent. 

Downtown Raleigh’s Jewish presence dates back 100s of years. But as families flocked to the suburbs, the Jewish community migrated along as well. Downtown emptied out. Crime rose. Property values dropped. The synagogues sold their buildings and moved along to the suburbs. 

Over the past decade, Downtown Raleigh has been going through an incredible boom. Major tech and biomedical research companies are investing heavily in the area. Apple is currently building their East Coast HQ nearby. And Downtown Raleigh is booming. 

Each year, hundreds of young Jewish professionals started calling Raleigh home. And most of them were not flocking to suburban Jewish life. They were looking for a Jewish life that is meaningful, accessible and relevant to American Jewish millennials. 

In the summer of 2018, Rabbi Zalmy & Mushka Dubinsky moved to Downtown Raleigh with the vision of creating a hub of spiritual life in the rapidly growing downtown neighborhood. 

That vision came to life far quicker and stronger than they could have imagined. 

As they discovered more and more young Jewish professionals, a beautiful and rapidly growing community formed. Hundreds of young Jews discovered a thriving group of peers looking to connect with other Jews, take steps on their Jewish journey, and find true spiritual meaning. 

From the grad student looking for a Jewish home away from home, the young Jewish professional who just moved to town, looking for a place to connect, the local young adult searching for community and companionship, the Jewish business traveler, looking for a place to celebrate Shabbat, & the Jewish couple who found their better half at a CYP event, Chabad Young Professionals provides young Jews with all that and beyond that – a sense of family and a place to call home.

As CYP Raleigh continues to grow, a group of generous matchers have joined together for an incredible opportunity to help take CYP to the next level. 

August 24-28, CYP Raleigh is joining with YOU to help raise $60,000 to grow this beautiful community in a most sustainable way. Every dollar donated will be DOUBLED. 

Click here to join us and help invest in the future of young Jewish life in Raleigh. 

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