Europe’s Rabbinical Conference Honors Departed Hanover Shliach

Dozens of Rabbonim and shluchim gathered for three days at ‘Beit Binyamin’ in Hanover, Germany for the Professional Forum for European Rabbis, to discuss a variety of burning topics that are on the agenda of the European rabbis.

Dozens of rabbis gathered last week (July 16-19) and participated in the Professional Forum for European Rabbis, held by the RCE. The forum provided three uplifting and fascinating days loaded with empowering information.

The Rabbis service European Jews day and night with outstanding dedication and have agendas to be discussed. The Professional Forum for European Rabbis meet once a year and discuss these issues via professionals to assist the Rabbis and meet their needs.

The RCE chose to hold this year’s meeting in the city of Hannover, Germany, in memory of the Rabbi and Chabad Shliach in the city, Rabbi Binyamin Wolf, who passed away 3 years ago. His wife, Rebbetzin Shterni Wolf stunned everyone when she decided to bury him in the local Jewish cemetery and continue their Shlichus and spread Judaism there.

In memory of Rabbi Wolf, the synagogue ‘Beit Binyamin’ was established where classes and activities for the community are held every day and became a major Jewish center in the city and is currently headed by his son-in-law Rabbi Levi Gottlieb.

The rabbis who came to participate in the professional forum of the RCE stayed for three days at Beit Binyamin and heard lectures from the best lecturers who fascinated the rabbis for many hours on a variety of important and burning topics that are on the agenda of the European rabbis.

The lecturers at the forum were, among others: Rabbi Yoel Baitch, lecturer on Chassidus and philosophy, Dr. Yaacov Feldman, educational consultant and parent facilitator, Mr. Ezra Haidu, community and family expert, coach, mediator, and group facilitator.

In addition, the rabbis heard lectures from Rabbi Yisrael Diskin, the Head Shliach to Germany, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel Rabbi of Berlin, Mr. Michael Furst, President of the Jewish Communities in Niedersachsen and Mr. Thomas Herman, Mayor of Hannover.

Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzki, Rabbi of Hamburg and a member of the Rabbinical Council of Europe spoke about the extensive activities of the RCE. He warmly thanked the rabbis who work 24/7 with incredible dedication for European Jews.

The forum participated in a banquet for European rabbis held by the ‘Beit Binyamin’ community, in which many from the Jewish community, public figures and local politicians participated.

Rabbi Avraham Aba Torezki, Secretary of the Rabbinical Council of Europe, excited the audience with nostalgic tunes that touched their heart. Mayor Mr. Belit Onay keenly welcomed the participants of the forum in the city hall and praised the productive activity of the ‘Beit Binyamin’ community and promised his assistance in developing and expanding the community.

Rabbi Arie Goldberg, RCE CEO warmly thanked the mayor for his help in the past and present, and for the future as well, and noted his continuous gracious response to every request and wish of the Jewish community.

A moving and tearful event took place at the cemetery when the rabbis recited Tehillim at the grave of Rabbi Binyamin Wolf. Rabbi Arie Goldberg spoke with great emotion about the fact it is a great honor for Rabbi Wolf, that his family has the privilege of continuing his great work in the city of Hannover. He noted that the RCE established the ‘Pe’er Binyamin’ Foundation with the donation of Mr. Rami Levy who distributed hundreds of pairs of tefillin to Jews who undertook to put on tefillin every day. Rabbi Avraham Aba Torezki said the ”Kei Molei Rachamim” in his memory.

Vice President of the RCE, Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, faithful orchestrator and producer of the seminar, noted with great satisfaction that the lecturers and content were chosen with great care and succeeded in achieving the Rabbis requests.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, RCE chairman, pointed out that this seminar is part of the ongoing activity throughout the year in helping and assisting the rabbis and the communities in all that is necessary for the existence of the communities and the strengthening of Jewish identity.

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