European Young Shluchim Enjoy Bustling 3-Day Retreat in Paris

In celebration of their Chidon learning accomplishments, 70 young Shluchim gathered in Paris for two concurrent retreats. The retreat offered the opportunity to meet their international peers for a few days of fun and adventure.

In celebration of their Chidon learning accomplishments, 70 young Shluchim gathered in Paris for 2 concurrent retreats. After spending many hours of their personal time studying Sefer Hamitzvos, the retreat was a justified reward for the efforts, offering the opportunity to meet up in person with their international peers, for a few days of jam-packed action and adventure.

For boys like Menny Jacobs, growing up on Shlichus in Birmingham, UK, the online community of fellow Yaldei Hashluhcim means the world to him. Avidly attending evening Seder Erev and Chassidus Club on Zoom, and religiously memorizing lines of Mishnayos Ba’al Peh, MyShliach’s extensive programming plays a large role in his educational and social life.

“For children living in small towns or cities, this online community allows them to be part of something larger than themselves. Sharing quality time with other kids their age gives them a foundation for their whole life to have a good sense of Torah learning and friendship,” Menny’s mother, Mrs Rachel Jacobs remarked. “These trips remind Menny that he isn’t alone on shlichus but part of a global community, with counselors who are great role models to look up to.

From all over Europe, the boys, and girls arrived in the French capital by airplane or Eurostar. They were met by the respective counselors on Monday afternoon and accompanied to their base for the remainder of the trip: The state-of-the-art Heichel Menachem School in Paris.

Wasting no time, the boys were privy to an evening trip to France’s most iconic indoor family recreation park NIKITO. With no shortage of activities, the luminous walls of NIKITO are home to go-karting, bowling, mini golf, laser tag, and more. Under the watchful eyes of their experienced counselors, the Yaldei Hashluchim buzzed around the massive park proudly displaying their yarmulkas and Tzitzis with joy.

Meanwhile, the girls could be found singing niggunim in The Rebbe’s Shul, and then on a relaxing evening boat ride along the iconic Sienne River. Soaking in the atmosphere, seeing sights including the Eifel Tower and the Louvre, and a chance to catch up with friends from their international community.

After another busting day on Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Iyar was marked by an inspiring evening Farbrengen complete, in French style with a delicious chocolate fountain. The children were reminded of their privilege to grow up on Shlichus and shared uplifting stories of their experiences on Shlichus. A “Hachlata auction” was held to ensure the inspiration was carried forward into the young Shluchim’s regular lives.

“Our goal is to support the young Shluchim by giving them a sense of community and opportunities that the average Frum child takes for granted,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of MyShliach’s umbrella organization Merkos 302. “We hope the young Shluchim will return home with renewed chayus to continue their learning and their unique mission on Shlichus.”

Throughout the trip, Mishnayos Ba’al Peh was learned whenever there was a free moment, including whilst traveling around the capital by bus. In classic MyShliach fashion, prizes were raffled off as a reward, making learning Torah fun wherever a young Shliach finds him or herself.

The boys too paid a visit to the rebbe’s shul on the pletzel and delighted in authentic Israeli falafel from a local Kosher establishment. Heading home to their Makom Hashlichus, Rabbi Chaim Greizman, a shliach in Stockholm Sweden described picking up his son Yossi as “tired but very happy, after having a blast from the non-stop exhilarating program.”

Children took part from the following countries:

The MyShliach Europe Chidon Retreat was made possible by:
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky: Vice Chairman of Merkos and Chairman of MyShliach
Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky: Executive Director of Merkos 302
Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz: Director of MyShliach at Merkos 302
Rabbi Moishy Schapiro Chidon Coordinator at MyShliach
Rabbi Yossi Elberg: Coordinator at MyShliach

Trip Directors and Hosts:
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Pewzner, Director of Sinai Schools
Rabbi and Mrs. AB Pewsner
Mrs. Altie Majesky

Boys staff:
Dudi Ashkenazi, Boys Retreat Coordinator
Mendel Spritzer, 
Shneur Motchkin 

Girls Staff:
Ms. Mushka Bluming, Girls Retreat Coordinator
Sara Reiter
Rika Bluming
Tziviah Gurary
Rochele Namdar

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