Eshel: Guests Won’t Stay in Locals’ Houses

In accordance with the request of Crown Heights doctors, the Eshel hospitality organization stated that they will not be setting up any guests in local homes, causing a large financial burden. Help sponsor one of the Rebbe’s guests.

Every year, during Tishrei, Crown Heights takes on a festive air with the influx of thousands of guests from all over the world. The residents of the community take an active part in hosting these guests whether with places to sleep, invitations for meals or with donations.

This year, because of corona, hardly any guests came. Those who did come were only those who were approved to do so by the doctors of the Gedalia Society with the approval of the Badatz and who produced medical documents showing they have antibodies or that they had corona and recovered (see screen shot of the joint announcement made by the rabbanim and doctors on the Gedalia Society website).

Despite this, the doctors of the community have asked residents not to host guests in their homes, as an additional precaution.

There will be far fewer guests as compared to previous years, however, all their needs will be taken of by Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim which will provide them with places to sleep and meals.

Now, Post Yom Kippur, Eshel-Hachnos Orchim is running a fundraiser to cover the costs of hosting this Tishrei. The directors of the organization turn to the residents of Crown Heights who open their homes every year to the guests but who need to refrain this year, with the request that you donate to Eshel. By doing so, you will have the merit of the mitzva of hachnosas orchim even at a time when, unfortunately, it cannot be done in the usual way.

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