Eshel Cautions Regarding Possible Kaparos Chicken Shortage

The recent chicken shortage has affected the number of live chickens available for kaparos, Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim has announced, saying everyone should try to come early to ensure they receive one.

Message from Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim

Last year, there was a shortage of meat products in the stores and prices went up as a result. It looks like there will be a shortage of live chickens for kaparos this year.

Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim, which arranges the largest Kapparos event in Crown Heights, says they are making great efforts to obtain the usual amount of chickens.

However, since this year is a Shnas Hakhel, and many more guests came to Crown Heights, more than in regular years, they cannot guarantee that there will be enough chickens until early in the morning. They request that you try and come earlier to ensure that you get chickens for kaparos.

Because of the rain over the weekend, signs about Kapparos were not hung, but Eshel’s Kapparos will take place as usual at the corner of Kingston and President from tomorrow, Monday afternoon, until the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday.

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