English-Speaking Yeshiva Catering Exclusively for Shiur Gimmel Mesivta

Kfar Chabad Mesivta – Yeshivas Menachem, an English-speaking Yeshiva located in Kfar Chabad is catering exclusively for Shiur Gimmel Bochurim.

By Rabbi Dovid Barber – Menahel

We are catering exclusively to Bochurim going into Shiur Gimmel, giving them the opportunity to maximize their last year of Mesivta to the fullest bez”H.

Our goal is to help Bochurim transition between Mesivta and Zal, helping them to become more independent in their learning and more self-motivated in general. 

Focusing on these two points which are essential in order to be matzliach in a Zal setting, will ensure that the Bochurim are fully prepared for the next stage. 

We are providing a Chassidishe, warm, and ‘heimish’ environment, with a serious learning schedule, designed in a way to be geshmak and enjoyable. 

We are committed to connecting to each bochur on an individual basis, by working together with him and giving him the guidance, tools and support to really be matzliach bez”H. 

For more information and to apply please visit www.kfarchabadmesivta.com

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