English-Speaking Kfar Chabad Yeshiva To Open New Shiur Alef Zal

Yeshivas Menachem of Kfar Chabad has announced that they will be opening a Shiur Alef Zal for English speakers.

By Rabbi Dovid Barber

We are happy to announce that we will be opening a first year zal, following on from this year’s shiur Gimmel Mesivta.

Our Yeshiva provides an individualized approach, with the aim of helping each bochur grow in his chassidishkeit, yiras shamayim and learning.

This approach, in a chassidishe environment al taharas hakodesh, enables our bochurim to thrive.

We welcome those bochurim, who feel that our Yeshiva has the right framework to help achieve their goals and aspirations.

IYH, we plan on offering a shiur Bais Zal the following year, thereby providing a full 2 year zal program.

To apply for Yeshiva please click on the Google form link provided below.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 15162431108 or +972587706927


Wishing everyone
ah gezunten un freilechen zummer!

B’birchas Moshiach Now!

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