English Semicha and Post-Semicha Program to Open in Kfar Chabad

Kfar Chabad Machon Semicha Yeshivas Menachem to open this upcoming year for English-speaking bochurim.

Kfar Chabad Machon Semicha Yeshivas Menachem will cater to bochurim who are learning seriously for Semicha, and are interested in a chassidishe environment, where there is a strong focus on learning Chassidus.

In addition, we are also offering shorter cycles for bochurim who have already completed Semicha, and who are interested in learning additional parts of Shulchan Aruch such as חופה וקידושין, שמחות, מקוואות, העגלת כלים, כשרות וברכות, מצות התלויות בארץ ועוד

There will be a weekly shiur on ‘בית יהודי’ given by Rabonim and Mashpi’im.

There will also be the opportunity to do various organized shlichus activities.

For more information and to apply please visit KfarChabadSemicha.com

Contact info:


[email protected]

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