New English Publications Aid Basi L’Gani Study

New publications by Simply Chassidus and Chayenu, aid the study of this year’s Basi L’Gani maamarim, providing English translation and extensive background and explanation that benefits readers of all skill levels.


It is customary to study – on this Shabbos, Yud Shevat – the last Ma’amar of the Previous Rebbe, titled “Basi L’Gani”. Every year, the Rebbe would add commentary to another successive chapter of his predecessor’s final discourse.

Click here to download the Previous Rebbe’s Basi LGani (chapter 11 – for this year) with Hebrew / English side-by-side.

Click here to download a collection from the Rebbe’s Basi LGani (of 5721 and 5741), with a teaching from every one of the Rebbeim – Hebrew/English side-by-side.

Simply Chassidus

To support the worldwide preparation for Yud Shevat 5781, which marks the 70th year since the Rebbe recited the first maamar, Simply Chassidus has completed a translation and explanation of Basi L’Gani 5741 in English (available at this link). It includes a translation of the eleventh chapter of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s maamar from 5710 to aid the reader in understanding the Rebbe’s analysis of the Friedikder Rebbe’s maamar.

In addition to making the maamar available in English, the publication provides extensive background and explanation that benefits readers of all skill levels. Feedback on the Simply Chassidus series has been very positive from Anash around the world, with many readers commenting that the translations even brought new clarity to maamarim that they had learned in the past. Over 50 maamarim are available at

The translation is written in simple modern English focusing on clarity and comprehension rather than a literal word-for-word translation. It follows a “text-based shiur” format focused on explaining the meaning and structure of the maamar, as well as providing helpful background information that enhances the reader’s comprehension.

The Simply Chassidus series is written by Simcha Kanter from Chicago and reviewed by Rabbi Fishel Oster from Oholei Torah. The first sefer in the Simply Chassidus series is coming soon from Kehos Publications.

Please click here to download the booklet.

Point-by-Point Outline

A Point-by-Point Outline of the Rebbe’s first maamer – Basi L’Gani 5711 written by Moishy Tauber in easy and accessible English for anyone to understand.

Please click here to download the booklet.

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