English Booklet Teaches Hiskashrus to New Generation

A booklet published by Chabad of Wisconsin explains the basics of hiskashrus for the young generations and for parents and teachers seeking to provide answers for the youth.

As years pass, yesterday’s children are steadily becoming today’s leaders. Since Gimmel Tammuz 5754, a new generation has arisen, all of whom never saw or heard the Rebbe in person

Of course, both, them and we, know that the Rebbe is with us today like he was then, and perhaps yet more so. One needs to look no further than these very same young chassidim themselves, both boys and girls who are passionate about being what the Rebbe wants of them, and thirst for a word, a nuance – just about anything from someone who did see and hear.

But what are the mechanics of this hiskashrus? Indeed, what are the mechanics of hiskashrus altogether? How is the Rebbe “still with us”? And in general what is the role of a Rebbe?

The questions many have, are strong and demanding, and the answers ought to be no less satisfying and empowering.

To this end, a booklet that has been compiled eight years ago by Lubavitch of Wisconsin in Hebrew, and now translated into English, blessed with never-before-seen clarity and elucidation, a booklet that you must not only read, but learn and live by.

The great questions of our time are answered in a clear, meaningful and honest fashion. Basic concepts of being a chossid are laid out with utmost simplicity yet depth.

If you often feel like your child has got questions you cannot answer, and if your child isn’t the only one bothered by this, you must read this booklet.

At a time when “darkness covers the earth, and obscurity [covers] the nation” we owe it to our standing as Chassidim of Dor Hashevii, to know, understand and live by the truth that indeed “Lo ozav v’elo ya’azov es tzon mar’iso,” the Rebbe has never abandoned his flock, nor ever will he.

If these brief lines have their desired effect, by this point you will need no further persuasion to acquire for yourself a copy of “Od Avinu Chai.” You can obtain this compilation at a very low price: ChabadWI.org/OAC or at Kehot bookstore.

I hope that the promulgation of this booklet will strengthen our hiskashrus to our Rebbe and hasten the time when we will be reunited together, with the coming of Moshiach!

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