Empire Shtieble Kollel Begins New Zman

Beginning this past Monday, dozens of men from Crown Heights gathered each morning in Empire Shtieble each morning for 2 hours of learning.

The Kollel takes place Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and is geared for all men in the community, especially working or semi-retired businessmen, who are looking to join daily learning.

A Shiur in Gemarah L’iyun is given by Rabbi Shmuel Heber on Perek Ha’Isha Niknis, the perek being learned in Lubavitch Yeshivos world wide, followed by a shiur girsa in Perek Asara Yuchsin.

The first of its kind Kollel for men launched during the month of Elul to great success, with 30 men attending on its first day.

The idea of beginning with mesechta Kiddushin was because this is the mesechta being learned in Lubavitcher yeshivos this year, as well as it being an important and fundamental mesechta, Rabbi Heber told Anash.org. “Fathers and zeides learning with their children and eyniklach will be familiar with the mesechta that is being learned, which will only increase in the child or bochur’s understanding of what he’s learning,” he noted.

The Kollel has attracted a daily crowd, with participants enjoying coffee and cake as well.

“All men are welcome to join, and there’s no time better than now to begin a new year on a high note,” Rabbi Heber said.

The kollel leadership hopes that with time sponsors will see the advantage of the new kollel and will grab the zechus of sponsoring such learning, so that those who will attend full time will be able to collect a stipend as well.

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