Emotional Ceremony Weds Ten Heroic Couples Simultaneously

In a moving ceremony, 10 chupos were held simultaneously for combat soldiers in battle for the last 5 months. Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky coordinated the event and they had the Alter Rebbe’s Daled Bavos accompanying them.

By VIN and Anash.org

In a festive joint ceremony coordinated by Rabbi Shmuel Bistristky, shliach of Savyon, Eretz Yisroel, ten IDF combat soldiers who had recently been involved in the Gaza fighting got married at the same time in Tel Aviv’s Hangar 11. The wedding was part of a new initiative by singer Lior Narkis and his wife to pay and provide singers and entertainers for soldiers’ weddings.

Each couple had its own chupah with 100 guests, followed by a large joint meal and celebration for all of the participants. The soldiers have been serving in the IDF reserves since October, and many had been forced to cancel their weddings due to the war.

The couples included some soldiers who cannot be named due to their security level and some who are lone soldiers from abroad. The different ceremonies were conducted by 10 different rabbis at the picturesque location.

Ohr and Raziel, one of the couples, had their wedding postponed a number of times due to the war. “We imagined our wedding as different as possible from this,” Ohr says. “A small, intimate affair. I waited for him to come back from duty so that we could get married as we have dreamed. All these months were full of crazy uncertainty. We didn’t intend a big wedding, but this project is exactly what we needed.”

“We’re really excited,” added Raziel, a member of the Egoz commando unit. “I saw her now for the first time in a wedding dress and she saw me now with a suit. We had planned to get married in January, but it was postponed as I was in reserve duty, and now the ‘Beit Chabad’ is realizing our dream of setting up a Jewish home.”

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