Embark on a Summer Adventure: CGI Florida Girls Overnight Camp

CGI Florida girls camp has opened its registration for the 5784 summer sessions, offering girls a summer full of chassidishe fun and exciting experiences.

In a thrilling announcement that echoes with excitement, CGI Florida Girls Overnight Camp has officially opened its doors for registration for the eagerly awaited summer season of 5784-2024. This unique overnight camp, nestled in the heart of South Florida, promises an unparalleled experience filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a vibrant chassidishe atmosphere.

Gan Yisroel Florida Girls Overnight Camp is far from ordinary. It is a camp that becomes  a community,  where lifelong friendships bloom, skills are acquired, and indelible memories are etched into the hearts of campers.

The appreciation of the parents can be felt through these heartfelt testimonials:

“What an incredible camp! I cannot say enough about the care, dedication, and love from all the staff at CGI Florida.” – Shevy Bronstein

“CGI Florida is the way to go! The love, devotion, and care for each and every camper are felt in every aspect of every day.” – Estie Klein

“Camp Gan Israel Florida is for us the best camp that there is.” – Chana Lipskar

Established in 1963, Chabad in Florida’s Gan Israel Overnight camp has evolved into a summer staple. CGI Florida is the perfect environment for your daughter to enjoy a fun-filled summer of friendship, an authentic Chassidishe atmosphere, and the warmth of Yiddishkeit.

The  camp’s 20-acre property boasts an array of amenities, including a fully equipped commercial kitchen, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a 7-acre sports field, zip lining  and nature trails, ensuring a fantastic summer for every camper.

Conveniently located in Palm Beach County, Florida, the camp is just an hour from Miami Beach and thirty minutes from West Palm Beach airport.

Steering the helm of this extraordinary experience are visionaries who breathe life into the camp’s ethos:

  • Executive Directors: Rabbi Yosef Y.  & Bayla Biston
  • Directors: Rabbi Eli & Shira Wajsbort
  • Administrator: Mrs. Estie Gutnick
  • Chef: Nissen Pewzner

Campers are presented with the opportunity to choose between two exciting sessions. 

First Session:
July 3 to July 29 (4 Weeks)

Second Session:
July 31 to August 20 (3 Weeks)

Both Sessions:
July 3 to July 29 & July 31 to August 20

Key registration dates are as follows:

  • Camper Registration Period: January 1st, 2024 – January 11th, 2024
  • Staff Registration Period: January 21st, 2024 – January 28th, 2024

To secure a spot for your daughter in the Chassidishe haven of Gan Yisroel Florida Girls Overnight Camp 5784-2024, visit cgiflorida.com/girls or WhatsApp message 954-408-1831. Prepare for a summer to remember, a journey to cherish, and the adventure of a lifetime!

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