Eli Marcus Speaks About the Inspiration Behind His Newest Album

Right in time for Chodesh Elul, when everyone is preparing for the upcoming Yomim Nora’im, acclaimed singer Eli Marcus released a beautiful album of all the yom tov davening favorites.

By: Anash.org reporter

World famous Chabad singer Eli Marcus has released an inspiring album with a compilation of yom tov davening niggunim. Spurred on by Covid lockdown conditions, and inspired by his love for the special moments in shul on the Yomim Nora’im when we sing these haunting melodies, he created his album “The Spirit of the High Holidays.”

When Covid lockdowns hit world wide, many organizations and families reached out to Marcus to sing at their family simchos and Chabad events. He performed at virtual Bar Mitzvos, dinners, and even rallies. He turned his home into his studio and installed cameras, microphones, and the proper sound system to accommodate the many requests.

At that time, his friend, Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum, asked him to take on this project of recording the Chabad niggunim sung to the tunes of popular tefilos on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

“There’s something deeply touching about the way we sing these niggunim in shul,” says Marcus, “they uplift and touch us in a deep way. This album is a small attempt to recreate those special moments.”

The album does indeed take one back to those powerful moments in shul during Tishrei. The stripped back style of minimal musical accompaniment, and soulful singing, is reminiscent of your local shtiebel and beloved chazzan carrying the community with his heartfelt niggunim.

This album is a beautiful gift for Chabad house members who attend the davenings at their local Chabad house. Everyone connects to the melodies, and now there is a way for them to carry the inspiration with them throughout the year. It’s a way for balebatim to reconnect with the spiritual energy they were so touched by during the Yomim Nora’im.

Listening to the recordings, is also a great way to hear the authentic niggunim and learn the traditional melody and word placement.

“Once I was doing the album, I took the opportunity to correct some of the common mistakes people make in these tefilos. In Ya’ale, the end part of the tune isn’t doubled- someone just added it to fit the words but it’s not part of the niggun. The way I sing Ki Anu is the way we heard it from R’ Yoel a”h who shared his recollection of the way the Rebbe sang it on Yom Tov,” adds Marcus.

Working with Chabad niggunim is always a great experience, and also an opportunity to share the treasures we have with the wider frum community and the world at large. As such, Marcus is excited to share about some future projects in the making, further sharing the gift of Chabad niggunim with a wider audience.

“Some of these niggunim are already well known and played at chassidishe weddings as part of the chabad ‘playlist’, but there are many more that are still only known locally.

“We are working on an exciting project using Chabad niggunim. It’s something that will appeal to a wider audience and bring these melodies to audiences all over the world, to Yidden of all walks of life.

“In a one hour program, we will bring them the gift of niggunei Chabad and the special power these niggunim have. Imy”h it’s in the works and is something I am really excited about,” shares Marcus.

Eli Marcus performs at Chabad Houses worldwide and can be brought down for your special occasion. To book a live event, visit www.elimarcusmusic.com. For sponsorship opportunities with the new initiative, you can reach out via email to [email protected].

To listen to the album, click here. To watch the video accompaniments to the songs click here.

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Piano: Pinny Ostreicher

Video by: Rivkin Media

Design & Marketing: I & Me Media

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