Young Shluchim Earn Graduation Trip With Hours of Extra Learning

The 8th grade students of Nigri shluchim online school are planning a graduation trip to New York and are learning hundreds of extra hours in a Torahthon to fund the experience.

The eighth grade students of the Nigri Jewish Online School are having a grand Torahthon to earn their graduation trip. The students need to learn extra hours in order to earn the end of year trip to New York where they will be meeting up in person and celebrating their eight years together and saying good bye before heading off to separate yeshivos.

Each boy is taking on 18 extra hours of learning in their free time in honor of the graduation trip. 

“This Graduation trip for me is like a 2nd Kinus, we get to meet each other and connect before going back to our makom shlichus” said student Gabi Tiechtel from Champaign, Illinois. 

“When the students meet each other at the kinus, the joy and chayus they gain is immeasurable. This trip is certain to imbue them with chayus and energy as they prepare to go to mesivta in the coming year” said teacher Rabbi Shmully Litvin from Louisville, Kentucky

“This is a unique time where we can finally meet up and energize with each other. We really need the support from everybody to make this happen” said a student from Lisbon, Portugal

We are planning to go to crown heights on Friday and spending Shabbos and farbreng at a Shliach’s Chabad House nearby and go on amazing trips and mivtzoyim.

 If you would like to take part in the Torahthon and donate, click HERE.

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