‘Eight Illuminations’ Offers Insight for Each Night of Chanukah

Background Photo: Dovber Hechtman

Derher published ‘Eight Illuminations’ a printable pamphlet that will offer some extra inspiration and insight to illuminate each one of the nights of Chanukah. Download here.

As Chanukah approaches, A Chassidisher Derher is offering some extra inspiration and insight to illuminate each one of the nights of Chanukah!

Picture the scene: gathering around the Menorah, surrounded by the warmth of family, and delving into captivating stories and insightful reads that will uplift your family each night of Chanukah.

Introducing “Eight Illuminations,” Derher’s exclusive pamphlet designed precisely for these precious moments! 

Inside, you’ll find a treasury of interesting stories, thought-provoking insights, and fascinating historical tidbits – all carefully curated to enrich your family’s Chanukah experience.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, craving wisdom, or simply looking to enrich your Menorah family time with engaging conversation starters, Eight Illuminations is perfect for you.

Click here to download and print!

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