Education Envoy Impressed by Oholei Torah

The director of Israel’s Minister of Education emissary program, which sends teachers across North America, paid a visit to Oholei Torah in Crown Heights, where he compared notes with Chabad educators.

Mr. Ilan Friedman, Director of the ‘Emissary Department’ of Israel’s Ministry of Education in the United States and Canada, visited the institutions of Oholei Torah in Crown Heights.

It began about six months ago, when Mr. Friedman came to the United States to manage the 126 emissary educators from the Ministry of Education who work in 53 schools across the United States and Canada, as well as to increase the number of emissaries from the Department of Education.

Mr. Friedman, who is friends with Rabbi Shmuel Konikov, a shliach in New Jersey, and bochur Shneur Zalman Halperin, was invited to visit Crown Heights.

His visit to Crown Heights lasted about three and a half hours, during which he visited the Oholei Torah institutions, where he sat in a meeting with the Rosh Yeshiva of the Oholei Torah Mesivta, Rabbi Moshe Silman.

He then met with the general director of the Oholei Torah Institutions Rabbi Menachem Mendel Blau, in which they discussed the expansion of kosher education in the United States and the importance that every child attending 53 schools in the United States and Canada under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Education should have a letter in a sefer Torah.

During the visit, Rabbi Silman and Shneur Zalman Halperin presented him with the Frierdiker Rebbe’s ‘Klolei Hachinuch V’Hahadracha’, which discusses the various aspects of education.

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