EBT Scammer Identified: Call Shomrim If You Spot Him

The individual who has been installing skimming devices into the EBT food stamp readers and then stealing thousands of dollars from families was identified. If you see him, report him immediately.

In the last weeks there have been numerous accounts from Crown Heights and Kiryas Yoel families that their EBT food stamps cards were being emptied without them spending any money on it. Shomrim has identified the perpetrator who has been shamelessly stealing food from families that need it.

The thief installed skimming devices in multiple stores in Crown Heights that read the information on the food stamps cards that were inserted and then stole the information for future use, thereby enabling him to steal from the cards and leave thousands of families stranded without the funds they were relying on to feed their families.

This disgraceful thief needs to be caught and punished for his horrid and selfish actions. If you see a male who’s look matched the photo attached, don’t hesitate and reach out to Shomrim immediately.

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  1. Do the EBT skimming devices get the PIN for the EBT card also? If not, he wouldn’t be able to make any purchases, just with the card information.

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