East Flatbush Community Opens Children’s Library

The latest frum amenity in East Flatbush is a children’s lending library, run by the Perlow family and dedicated in memory of their grandparents, Rabbi Yitzchak and Shaina Chava Hendel of Montreal.

The Chabad community of Remsen Village, a.k.a. East Flatbush, is growing quickly and with it the number of amenities that cater to its needs. It currently boasts a shul, a N’shei Chabad group and most recently, its own children’s lending library.

The library opened in time for the new year, before Rosh Hashana, and is constantly adding more books. Their goal is to bring more books into the hands of more children, and to impart to them a love of reading.

A grand opening was held recently, where local children were introduced to the new books and decorated their own bookmarks.

The Perlow family, who is running the library, have dedicated it in honor of their children’s great-grandparents, Rabbi Yitzchak and Shaina Chava Hendel a”h of Montreal. Rabbi Hendel owned an extensive collection of seforim that he always used, and Rabbi and Mrs. Hendel raised a family of bookrooms, children who love to read and value Jewish literacy. To keep their legacy strong, it only seemed appropriate to open a Jewish lending library for kids.

The library is open to the Remsen Village community and to the wider Crown Heights community.
Location: 99 East 91 Street (between East New York and Rutland).
Hours: Tuesdays, 4:45-5:45 pm.
Contact number: 646-464-2011.
Membership: $25/year.

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