East Flatbush Community Declares Campaign a ‘Magnificent Success’ 

At midnight on Tuesday, 8 Cheshvan, Congregation Lubavitch of East Flatbush brought their building campaign to a close. “Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude,” organizers said. 

By the Anash of East Flatbush (East 30s and 40s) 

The past 6 weeks have been hectic ones for the kehillah of East Flatbush. It began on Chai Elul when we went under contract on a property to host our growing shul, and culminated in a week-long race to raise $770,000 for our new building. 

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude as we share the news: Baruch Hashem, we completed the campaign at midnight on Tuesday, 8 Cheshvan and it was a magnificent success! 

Throughout the past week, there have been dozens of graphics and countless texts written for this campaign, telling the story of our beloved community and the families that call East Flatbush home. None of these texts, however, have been felt as deeply in our hearts as the words we say today: 

To each family member and friend who encouraged us, sponsored our children’s tehillim and cared for our Yiddishe future, THANK YOU. 

To the acquaintances who took our calls, answered our messages, and opened your wallets, THANK YOU.

To every member of the Crown Heights community who took our cause and made it your own, THANK YOU. 

To every single one of the 3,380 donors who came through for us this week, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

You have shown us the true meaning of Hakhel, of coming together as one family, united behind a cause. May this be a year of extraordinary brochos for each of you, and for the community as a whole! 

A special mazal tov to Dr. Elie Fried, MD, anesthesiologist and professor at SUNY Downstate, who won the raffle for a piece of the Rebbe’s tablecloth! Thank you Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstein for generously donating the prize and giving the campaign an extra push.

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