Early Morning Chassidus With Rabbi Akiva Wagner

Rabbi Akiva Wagner’s early morning Chassidus shiur was very well attended in Toronto, until Covid struck. Now, the shiur continues on Zoom, giving the opportunity for even more people to benefit.

Some years ago, Rabbi Akiva Wagner began to give an early morning Chassidus shiur for Toronto Anash. The shiur was very well-attended until Covid struck last year, when all communal activities came to a stop.

Now that Rabbi Wagner started to give the shiur again on Zoom, even more people have the opportunity to benefit from the clear, geshmake way he explains Chassidus.

Organizer Rabbi Yirmi Cohen invites all of Anash to take advantage. “After the inspiration of כ”ח ניסן, when the Rebbe pleaded that we do all we can to bring Moshiach, many of us in Toronto have recommitted ourselves to learning Chassidus at this very enjoyable shiur. We invite you to join us.”

The shiur takes place every Tuesday and Friday morning at 6:20 am.

Rabbi Wagner is presently teaching a beautiful Maamar, “Gal Einai,” 5737 for ל”ג בעומר. Melukat חלק ה or Sefer Maamarim Adar-Sivan.

Click here to join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 347 791 0928
Password: 3055
Dial by your location +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

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