Dvar Torah for Children: Vayishlach

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Ater twenty years of being away from his family, Yaakov started heading home. On his way, Yaakov sent malochim to see if Eisav was ready to greet him. Rashi says that “malochim” here means actual angels, not like in other places, where it can mean regular messengers.

Question – Why did Yaakov use malochim for this mission and not just his regular servants?

Answer – The halacha is that if a person sends a messenger on a mission and the messenger gets hurt during the mission, the sender has to do teshuva. The sender is considered responsible to some degree, since he sent him on this mission. Yaakov knew that going to Eisav could be a dangerous mission. He didn’t want to risk his people and put them in danger.  Instead, he sent malochim who wouldn’t get hurt by Eisav.

Lesson – Before approaching Eisav, Yaakov sent malochim to check out the situation. In a similar way, before we start a new project, like buying a new game or video, or going to a new park, we must first ask ourselves, “Is this fit for a Yiddishe child? Is this going to bring me closer to the ways Hashem?” If yes, only then can we go ahead with it.

Let’s Review…

Question #1: Which other translation can the word malachim have?

Select one: A) Messengers; B) Kings; C) Salt.

Question #2: Why didn’t Yaakov send regular servants to greet Eisav?

Select one: A) He didn’t have enough servants; B) He didn’t want to put his servants in danger; C) He wanted to give the malochim a mitzva.

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