Dvar Torah for Children: Vayeshev

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Awaiting Moshiach

Yosef had two dreams hinting that he would become a ruler over his brothers. Yosef’s brothers were jealous of him, but Yaakov waited and anticipated for the dreams to come true.

Question – What was the benefit in Yosef being a ruler over his brothers that Yaakov was so eager for it to happen?

Answer – Yaakov knew that his family would be in golus in a strange land for four hundred years. Yaakov therefore awaited the time that Yosef would become a ruler, and hoped that the Yidden would serve part of the four hundred years under Yosef’s rulership. Being under Yosef’s rule would be a less harsh golus.

That is what actually happened. Yaakov’s hope came true and all the years that the brothers were under Yosef’s rule were peaceful years. Yet, they counted as part of the four hundred years of golus.

Lesson – Yaakov awaited Yosef’s dreams to become true, and his wish was fulfilled. By hoping and davening for the final geula, we will also speed up the coming of Moshiach!

Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 35 p. 159

Let’s Review…

Question #1 – What was Yaakov’s reaction when he heard Yosef’s dream?

  1. He didn’t believe Yosef’s dreams;
  2. He waited for the dreams to come true;
  3. He went to sleep. 

Question #2 – What lesson do we learn from this week’s Parsha?

  1. To anticipate and await for Moshiach;
  2. To believe all dreams;
  3. To listen to Yosef. 

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