Dvar Torah for Children: Vayeira

Anash.org presents a weekly Dvar Torah for children by Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein, author of the book Divrei Torah for Children.

Rabbi Goldstein carefully selected a collection of 63 Divrei Torah on the parsha and Yom Tov. Each Dvar Torah is based on the Rebbe’s sichos and follows the clear format of a concise question, answer and practical lesson in day to day life explained in a child friendly manner.

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Saving a Life

Hashem told Avraham that He wanted to destroy the cities of Sedom and Amora for their many sins.

Hearing this, Avraham began to daven and plead with Hashem to save the people of Sedom. Rashi says that when Avraham davened, he used harsh words.

Question – Avraham was always known for his kind nature. He is the one who always invited guests. He was also known for serving Hashem with tremendous love. How is it that Avraham used harsh words when speaking to Hashem?!

Answer – Although in nature Avraham was a kind person, when it came to davening for Sedom he went against his nature and spoke harshly. Avraham knew that this was a situation of life and death, so he did whatever he could to try and save the people, even if it meant going against his nature!

Lesson – Every person serves Hashem in his own style. Some serve Hashem with a feeling of love, while others serve Hashem with a feeling of fear. We all connect to Hashem in our unique way. We must remember though, that in a time of need, whether saving a physical life, or saving someone’s neshama, we must do whatever it takes, even if it means going against our nature.

For example, someone who is shy, can greet a boy who is new to the class and make him feel comfortable. Even if it’s difficult to do, we do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do!

(Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 10 p. 58

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