Dvar Torah for Children: Bo

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‘לזכות הרה”ח הרה”ת ר’ עקיבא גרשון בן רחל בתי
לרפואה שלימה וקרובה

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After 210 years of slavery, the Yidden were finally freed from Mitzrayim. The Torah points out that Hashem took us out during spring.

Every year, during the spring season, we celebrate Pesach to commemorate the miracles Hashem did for us when leaving Mitzrayim.

Question: What is the significance of yetzias Mitzrayim happening specifically during spring?

Answer: There is a lesson we can learn from spring in connection with yetzias Mitzrayim. During the winter, all trees and plants dry up. They seem to be dead, with no life or growth. During spring, everything starts to bloom again. It then becomes clear that all the winter days were merely a break for the trees and plants to gather energy to grow again the coming year.

Yetzias Mitzrayim shares a similar theme:

The Yidden in Mitzrayim were like a dried-up tree in the winter. The Yidden were not living a happy free life, they were not “growing and blooming.” When they were finally freed, they realized that the time in golus was only a temporary state. Once they left Mitzrayim, received the Torah, and became Hashem’s nation, they began “blooming” again.

Lesson: Sometimes we experience “dark” moments in our life; for example, if we lose a watch, or someone got hurt chas v’shalom. It appears to be a not so positive experience. In truth, however, these moments are just a passing stage. Just like the winter, these moments will ultimately turn into bright and growing moments!

Spring Forward (Based on Igros Kodesh vol. 4 p. 267)

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