Dvar Torah Curriculum Builds on Past Success

Building on the success of their first year, the ‘Living With the Times’ Dvar Torah Curriculum is being republished as a two-level curriculum that will include a comprehensive teacher’s guide and PowerPoint presentation for each lesson.

Last summer a one volume Dvar Torah Curriculum without a significant Teacher’s Guide hit the market and was snapped up. There was plenty of positive feedback and even more suggestions! The result: A two-level curriculum with a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and a powerpoint to accompany each Dvar Torah. The cost? Just $9.99 for the student workbook and $24.99 for the Teacher’s Guide with a complementary powerpoint for each class. Shipping in the continental US is free!

“When planning a Curriculum; an obvious question comes to mind”, says Rabbi Mendel Weinbaum, founder of Living with the Times. “Every teacher has his or her own style of teaching. How can one curriculum fit all?” 

“As a typical Jew, I like to answer this questions with a question! How can one make a cookbook for a cook? Every cook has their own unique style and flavors that they like to cook with. The cookbook gives the cook the basic ingredients of the dish: it gives added ingredients which the cook can interchange, the cook then proceeds to use the ingredients and follow the general instruction of the cooking process, adapting and changing things according to his or her style.”

“The same is true when it comes to creating a curriculum. The curriculum has the ‘basic ingredient,’ the actual Dvar Torah, which we have broken down into a clear 5 step Dvar Torah.  Then there are ‘extra ingredients.’ These are things which depend on the teacher’s style. Some teachers requested a story to complement the Dvar Torah, some teachers requested a hands-on activity, and some teachers requested a summary of the Parshah which they can use as an introduction to the class. In total there are 7 “extra ingredients:”  

  1. Title

Provides the teacher with a clear and concise way to introduce the class. Teachers may want to use this as a ‘hook’ to engage and raise the curiosity of the students.

  1. Parshah Summaries 

Provides the teacher with a summary of the Parshah which can be used either as an introduction for the lesson or as a way to refresh the students’ memories on the background for the Dvar Torah.

  1. Story

Everyone likes a good story, it captures the imagination. This section provides the teacher with a story, anecdote, or moshel to drive home the main point of the Dvar Torah.

  1. Practical lessons for teacher to discuss with students

Action is the main thing! It is what the Rebbe always demands. This section provides the teacher practical ideas of different takeaways and lessons which can be discussed with the students.

  1. Questions for students, with answers for teachers

Each lesson has three comprehension questions, allowing the students to demonstrate that they understood the Dvar Torah. The teacher’s guide includes answers to these questions.

  1. Activity 

Provides the teacher with a practical demonstration that brings out the main point of the Dvar Torah. This can also help students who are kinesthetic learners.

  1. Powerpoint Notes

Each Dvar Torah comes with a beautiful Powerpoint. The teacher’s guide contains notes for each slide to make it easier for the teacher to incorporate the slides into the lesson.

“With these 7 ingredients the teacher can choose what suits him or her best and “cook up” an amazing lesson!”

It is said,  “Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much.” Many thanks go to the talented team of writers, researchers, and our designer who enabled us to produce this incredible curriculum.

A lot of teachers are asking how we are able to offer the curriculum at such a great price. The answer is due to the generosity of our sponsors. It’s in their merit that the curriculum has become a reality. We are so grateful to these individuals for their partnership and we wish them much success in all of their endeavors. 

Schools can purchase the curriculum on our website, www.Livingwiththetimes.com  On the website there is also a contact box. Feel free to message with any comments or feedback.

We have dedicated Volume 1 of the curriculum in loving memory of Shneur Hirsh obm. Shneur had a great passion for learning and Chinuch. We have dedicated Volume 2 in loving memory of Yudi Dukes obm. Yudi worked tirelessly to help Yidden learn Torah all around the globe. We hope these dedications will bring comfort to the Hirsch and Dukes family. We Daven that we should be reunited with Shneur, Yudi, the Rebbe and all our loved ones very soon with the coming of Moshiach.

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