Dvar Malchus Launches New USA Subscription Option

Since the start of the new Rambam cycle, publishers of Dvar Malchus have been inundated with requests for a mail delivery option, leading them to launch a new subscription-based option.

This year on Gimmel Tammuz, we marked the 40th Siyum Harambam.

As a result, Yidden all around the world were inspired to take Hachlatos to strengthen their learning of the Rebbe’s Torah, and specifically Chitas and Rambam.

This led to the organizers of Dvar Malchus receiving hundreds of requests from people living all over the country to ship out subscriptions to people’s homes, many of whom do not have an option to buy Dvar Malchus locally.

Dvar Machus is now excited to announce that they have just launched a subscription plan which will enable people all over the USA to receive Dvar Malchus at their homes.

The pricing per booklet, including shipping is:

1 per week – $310 (5.85/week)
2 Per Week – $296 ($5.58/week)
3 per week – $250 ($4.72/week)
4+ Per Week – $225 ($4.29/week)

For more info or to set up a subscription, email [email protected].

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