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During the seder, the Rebbe would be particularly elated and would read the Haggada in a heartfelt tune. When Reb Berel Junik took the Rebbe’s becher to wash it, the Rebbe told him off for the “balebatishkait” at such an opportune time.

Leil haseder was always a very intimate time with the Rebbe. The bochurim were allowed into the Frierdiker Rebbe’s apartment, and would watch the Rebbe perform the mitzvos of the day. Particularly the end of the seder, when the Rebbe would lead the Haggada in a special heartfelt tune.

The first night of Pesach 5713. The Rebbe said the Haggada with great emotion, and as was his custom, he poured the wine from kos shel Eliyohu back into the bottle as the assembled sang Keili Ata.

As the seder came to a close, Reb Berel Yunik approached and took the Rebbes empty becher, in order to wash it.

Ir ligt tzufil in balebatishkait – you are too involved in balebatishkait,” the Rebbe reprimanded him. “This can be done on Monday, or on Thursday… Tonight is giluy Eliyohu! M’darf arain chapen tantzen, un lebediker tantzen!” Tonight is the revelation of Eliyohu Hanovi! You need to take advantage of the moment to dance, and to dance with greater vigor!

The bochurim danced in the zal, and as the Rebbe entered his room, he encouraged the singing.

(Diary of R’ Berel Yunik)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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