Don’t “Change” Your Son

Article by Rabbi Shimon Freundlich: As a parent, I often hear other parents say “I’m looking for a Yeshiva that will change my son.” This is my response to them.

By Rabbi Shimon Freundlich – Beijing, China

To all parents who are looking for a Mesivta that will bring out the best in their child, I have 3 words for you – Tzeirei Hashluchim Tzfas.

As a parent, I often hear other parents say “I’m looking for a Yeshiva that will change my son” or “Which Yeshiva do you know that will set my son straight”.

While I’m not a Mashpia, my response to them is: YOUR SON IS PERFECT, meaning; Hashem created him and instilled within him all the abilities he needs to develop into the Yid he was meant to be. In addition, the Rebbe Rashab hand-picked him to be part of Tomchei Temimim, because he saw his potential as a Chosid of רבותינו נשיאנו and In particular to our Rebbe.

Your son doesn’t need to be changed, he needs to be charged. The difference is simple, being changed will turn him into something he’s NOT, and being charged will unwrap and unravel the beautiful Chassidishe Neshomo he has and therefore is.

I gave this short introduction because, I found the perfect Mesivta for my son and therefore, not only wanted to share it with other parents, but rather feel obligated to do so.

Tzeirei Hashluchim Tzfas [which caters to all children not only children of Shluchim], is a Yeshiva that focuses on YOUR child and THEIR abilities. I was and am overly impressed by the brilliant educational tools they apply to each child in the spirit of חנוך לנער על פי דרכו. It fascinates me every time I think about their unparalleled method of חינוך which carters to boys from Beijing, China to כאן ציוה השם את הברכה. Regardless of the differences in environment, these children grew up in, they have successfully developed the art [it truly is an art] of understanding the multi-colored capabilities and abilities within such a wide range of boys.

While this op-ed may seem like a tribute and thanks to the staff of the Mesivta for the lifelong pact בגשם וברוח they charged my son with, [he just completed 2 years], this is only by default, the main point is to share with you, potential parents the incredible institution we as Lubavitcher’s have.

Tzeirei Hashluchim Tzfas is an institution that makes us proud, and no doubt the Rebbe proud, to the extent that בלי ספק when Moshiach comes the Rebbe will point with his holy finger towards these Mechanchim and their Talmidim and say ראו גידולים שגידלתי.

If anyone would like to contact me directly, my WhatsApp number is +8613911650967 or email [email protected]

Kol tuv and may we merit to see נחת רוח רב from all our children געזונטערהייט און פרייליכערהייט.

P.S. The Menahel of the Yeshiva Is Rabbi Zalman Stilerman and his contact details are: [email protected] and or +972 53-334-9005

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