Don’t Blink – You Might Miss It!

The Derher Auction concludes this Monday! Find out why you’d want to join and what’s in it for you to win:

The Derher Auction is in full swing, and the community has been showing up for the Derher in support of our mission to provide informative, riveting, Chassidishe content for the entire family. 

Every single person who reads the Derher or listens to one of our Podcasts benefits tremendously.

But now, there is even more for you to gain. 

Join the Derher Auction to support the important work that we do AND to win from an exciting list of prizes for you and your family!

Prizes include:

A Lace Top Yaffie Begun Sheitel

A Megillah

$850 to Costco

2 Round Trip tickets to anywhere in the world

And more!

The Derher Auction ends this Monday.

Time flies by so fast – don’t wake up Tuesday wishing you had remembered to buy your tickets in time!

It’s time for you to win – let’s make it happen!

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