Donors Matching $50,000 for Ateres Chaya Mushka

Ateres Chaya Mushka has received a generous matching donation of $50,000 towards their ongoing fundraising campaign donated l’zchus Shneor Zalman ben Elisheva for a speedy recovery. 

Ateres Chaya Mushka (ACM) has received a generous donation of $50,000 towards their ongoing fundraising campaign. The donation comes from the extended family of Shneor Zalman ben Elisheva, and the school’s thoughts and prayers are with Shneor Zalman for a speedy recovery. 

The funds will be matched until Shabbos, so don’t wait too long to make your donation count. Your contribution will help the school continue its individualized approach to education, providing personalized attention to each student and instilling a love for Torah and hiskashrus to the Rebbe’s chassidus.

Your support will ensure that ACM can continue to provide this exceptional education to its students. Whether it’s through providing cutting-edge resources, hiring talented teachers, or offering scholarships to deserving families, your contribution will help make a real difference.

ACM has always been dedicated to providing a personalized, warm, and caring environment for their students. With this new matching grant, they are hoping to continue to provide their students with the best education possible. The school asks for the community’s continued support to ensure that they can continue to meet the needs of every student and help them reach their full potential.

If you would like to support ACM’s fundraising campaign and take advantage of this matching offer, please visit their website at LINK to make a donation. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of their students. 

Click here to see the impact that ACM has on its students. 

Click here to take part now!

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