Donor Steps Up To Help Encourage Mitzvahs For Israel 

As IDF begins ground invasion, spiritual support from worldwide Jewry at Chabad Centers, street corners, and rallies intensify. Subsidized “Mitzvah For Israel” selfie banners are now available to bolster these efforts.

The ‘Mitzvahs for Israel’ initiative organized by OneMitzvah at Merkos 302 is quickly approaching its goal of one mitzvah pledged for every Israeli soldier. While every Mitzvah has an immeasurable impact, the latest novelty, an eye-catching pop-up banner, is sure to be a force multiplier.

Whether at a street rally or in a Chabad House, the attractive sign has been drawing Jews by the dozens to do a Mitzvah and take a selfie. OneMitzvah is excited to announce that thanks to a generous grant from Mr. Yerachmiel Jacobson, these banners are available for just $60, down from the usual $100. 

Since the ground invasion began this past weekend, the Campaign to secure a Mitzvah as a spiritual aid for every soldier has surged in popularity. The tally now stands at 147,098 Mitzvahs, with 408 teams globally standing with Israel. 

Rabbi Eli Newman, Director of OneMitzvah, expressed his thoughts on this cascade of Jewish identity: “The OneMitzvah platform has become an essential tool, galvanizing Jews globally to inspire their circles of influence to do an extra Mitzvah for the Holy Land. Each act not only brings safety to our soldiers and brethren but fortifies the collective Jewish spirit.”

To get your subsidized banner, simply fill out this form no later than Wednesday, November 1:

The subsidized price was made possible by a generous grant from Mr. Yerachmiel Jacobson, in honor of the Jews in Israel. Stock is limited, so be sure to act quickly. 

To launch your personal “Mitzvah For Israel” page, visit

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