Documents Reveal Fascinating Details of Rebbe’s Coming to America

A bundle of documents collected from the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s travels to America uncover fascinating details of their journey. presents to you a collection of documents from the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s trip across the ocean to America. The documents are filled with valuable insights and information that helped Chassidim piece together the steps of the journey and the hardships the travel arrangements entailed.

Some of the interesting things that can be noticed at a glance is that the Rebbetzin lists her full legal name as Haya Moussia. Other interesting details listed are the Rebbe’s description. invites you to scroll through the various visas and travel documents and glean insight.

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  1. The Rebbetzin lists her birthday as August 13 1901 = 28 Av 5661
    The Rebbe lists his birthday as March 1 1895 = 5 Adar 5655
    Anyone know why?

      1. Fairly common in those days for ppl to have their legal birthday as different then the day they were born, for various reasons, such as the army for example. The Rebbe made reference once in Yechidus to being “an old friend, not as old as it says on the passport.”

      2. Wouldn’t explain the Rebbe’s birthday listed as seven years before we know his birthday to be

    1. Interesting to note too. That the Chasuna is listed which was on November 13, 1928. Which comes out to as, ל׳ חשון תרפ״ט. Aprox 2 weeks before the actual date.

      1. If you convert the date from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar it comes out to Nov. 26 which is 13 Kislev, and after Shkia would be the 14th.

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