Watch: Doctors Discuss Refuah and Halacha

Watch: A virtual Kinus Torah will be held by Online Smicha, featuring four doctors who are Online Smicha students discussing medical concepts in the light of Torah.

A virtual Kinus Torah was held on Thursday night by Online Smicha, featuring a discussion on medical concepts as they are viewed through the light of Halacha.

Speaking at the Kinus Torah are four doctors who are Online Smicha students. Each one serves as a doctor, treating patients and saving lives on a daily basis, but still found time in their busy schedules to immerse themselves in the study of Torah with Online Smicha.

Addressing the Kinus Torah were:
Dr. Daniel Ganjian of Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Chaim Bitton of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Elliot Grossman of Mountainside, NJ
Dr. Yosef Glassman of Manahawkin, NJ

Topics covered include: Alternative Medicine and Halacha; Vaccines in Halacha; Cannabis in Torah; and A Frum Doctor in the Secular World.

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