Doctors and Business Leaders to Address Mega-Farbrengen

Businessmen and professionals set to farbreng, demonstrating that the everyday connections of the business world can be harnessed to bring a positive influence to bear.

When the global Chabad community gathers at the virtual Mega-Farbrengen this 28 Nissan, they will hear from doctors and business leaders alongside numerous rabbis and mashpiim. By adding their voices to the mix, these professionals demonstrate that people from all walks of life are finding ways to have a positive influence on their co-workers and friends.

Chof Ches Nissan is the day the Rebbe handed each Chossid the responsibility of bringing Moshiach. In the words of his famous sicha, “Tut altz vos ir kent tzu arupbrengen Moshiach taikef umiyad mamosh.” At the upcoming Mega-Farbrengen, the worldwide Chabad community will reconnect to their mission. They will hear from dozens of speakers from all walks of life, each of whom has found a way to influence their surroundings. Everyone, after all, is an influencer.

Over the course of the Farbrengen’s twenty-four hours, Mr. Joel Gershman will address the global gathering. Based in Melbourne, Australia, his years of experience as a Business Coach have given him a birdseye view on the many ways a business environment can serve as a launching pad for increased Jewish awareness. Crown Heights Businessman Rabbi Berel Junik will also share his perspective, showing that those in the business world can make a shlichus of their career.

Tuning in from Baltimore, Pathologist and Mohel Dr. Avi Z. Rosenberg M.D. Ph.D. will address the Zoom Farbrengen, which begins on Motzei Shabbos, 29 Nissan. Crown Heights based Copywriter Mr. Avi Webb is also slated to speak, along with Author and Artist Robert Kremnizer from Sydney, Australia. Together, their voices lend decades of real-world experience to the idea that everyone is an influencer.

“It’s important to hear from people who have lived out Moshiach’dike values in the very practical reality of the business world,” says Rabbi Shloime Naparstek, director of the Moshiach Office. 

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302, says that the participation of business leaders brings the themes of the Mega-Farbrengen down to earth. “In whatever situation life brings, we can find ways to have a positive influence,” he says, “a businessman, or a doctor, can show us what being a true influencer actually looks like.”

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