Do I Deduct Processing Fees for Maaser Given Via Credit Card?

Watch at 7 PM: Harav Gedalya Oberlander will answer practical halachic questions including processing fees for maaser given via credit card, taking an instant Covid test on Shabbos, two chazzonim splitting shachris, kashering an induction stove, walking in front of one who finished shmoneh esrei, and more on mincha after candle lighting.

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The series of Halacha Q&A with Harav Gedalya Oberlander on has garnered much interest from community members and rabbonim alike. The common and contemporary questions are addressed with direct and practical answers.

Harav Gedalya Oberlander is the rov of Heichal Menachem in Monsey, NY, and a member of Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch, and he is known for his breadth of knowledge and clear psak. He will be answering contemporary shailos in a weekly column on

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The shiur will take place on Sundays at 7:00 pm EDT and will be streamed exclusively on

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  1. Re covid tests –
    The case I wonder about is visiting someone vulnerable (say elderly parents) for a Shabbos meal, and they want to verify that they are not spreading it while feeling fine?
    A significant number (some say up to 50%) of people will have close to no symptoms at all, especially the young and healthy.

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